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Goddamn midterms

So I pretty much did homework all day. And I'll be doing homework all tomorrow (Freaking honors paper. It is contributing to the ruining my life, I swear.). Did a bunch of research for Kelly's briefing area (BWA HAH HAH HAH. Aceh = <3). Typed notes for a girl in my class and freaked out because it was like 7 pages... IN DEBATE SHORTHAND. Oops. I hope the vaguely translated version made sense to her. If not, it's pretty much straight from the book anyway...

Dana and I finally finished neg strat crapola for Western States. WHEE.

Oh, had another "I should be a philosophy major!" attack in honors today. I think it's probably just because we're reading St. Augustine, but still. I have this thing with philosophy classes where I'll try to pay attention so I can flesh out debate arguments, and then automatically feel guilty for doing so. This doesn't really happen in other classes (esp. not Arabic, for obvious reasons. Unless I have to debate about Arabic grammar someday. It'll happen, just you wait!). I'm not totally sure why this only seems to happen in philo/philo-esque classes, but it does. It's like I start connecting with whomever it is I'm reading/studying and start feeling weird for wanting to use their arguments as a weapon in a debate round where the little details of their argument will just be ignored. I suspect this has a lot to do with why I'm not a kritikal debater despite liking philosophy so much. I'd just feel sad pulling a bunch of quotes out of context and/or brushing over the details just to conform it to whatever K/DA/etc I need just so I can win. I also dislike reading philosophy for the sake of finding debate arguments because I feel like in my haste to do so, I'll miss some really important/interesting shit that isn't necessarily super obvious or just doesn't relate to the debate resolution.

I dunno.


Ignore my terrible sentence structures. I'm tired. Jerks.
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it's because the point of the philosophy you're reading is to adjust and reflect your own philosophy...the creators never intended for it to be used in a different sense than that, so it feels like you're doing them, and philosophy itself an injustice....


I think you should be a philo major too. BUT YOU KNEW THAT ALREADY