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I had the hottest bathroom experience during debate practice today.

First, an explanation of the set up of this bathroom: you enter and there is a short hall with a dressing/primping area to the left and then a door leading to toilets on the right.

Right then.

So all innocent-like, I walk in and to my surprise, hear extremely loud orgasm noises coming from the dressing room thing. I was in some strange state of shock, confusion, and excitement when I realized either someone was literally being sexed up by a god or faking it really badly (by which I mean sexily, yet clearly over the top). Turns out they were rehersing for a play (but that didn't stop them from being embarrassed when, gasp, a random civilian decided to use the public bathrooms in the student union!).

It would have all been disappointing, but I think I'm going to use "Fake, All-Female Orgies In The Bathroom" as yet another reason why the women's restrooms are superior to the men's.
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